Pink Panther Cupcakes

Just like the man himself, these bad boys are smooth, sophisticated, sleek and pink.
I decorated these at The Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allerton, I wanted to develop not only my piping skills, but also nab the amazing strawberry cheescake cupcake recipe written underneath the photos.

The frosting, was more like mousse, not at all sickly, like American cupcakes quite often are, but much more, well British, more manageable, I could certainly eat more than one per sitting.



This recipe makes 24, so you may want to half, depending on your needs!
Start by whisking up 9 eggs with 250g of caster sugar until you reach the ribbon stage (not stiff, pours off the whisk but stays in shape on top of mixture). Then chuck in 400g of ground almonds, 200g of plain flour, a sprinkling of bi carb, 400ml of good quality strawberry puree and 200ml of double cream. Fold in well, trying not to loose any air!

The frosting is literally just half mascapone, half double cream, add sugar and puree to your taste.

Enjoy, Pink Panther has left the building. x


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